Bauer goose with a fountain figure by Albrecht Durer

Bauer goose with a fountain figure - Albrecht Durer -

Artwork Information

TitleBauer goose with a fountain figure
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Bauer goose with a fountain figure

The artwork “Bauer Goose with a Fountain Figure” is a design attributed to Albrecht Dürer, a prominent figure of the Northern Renaissance. This work showcases Dürer’s skill and the characteristics of the era’s art in its attention to detail and interest in nature and design.

In the design, there is a combination of the fantastical and the natural. The focal point is a figure that seems to be a fusion of a human and a beast, seated and holding a staff or pole that extends above its head. Atop this pole, a goose is perched. The water from the fountain appears to be emanating from either the top of the pole or the goose’s mouth, creating an arc that falls back into the large basin below.

The creature itself is richly attired with elements suggesting fur and possibly armor or clothing, and there is an expression of contentedness or smugness on its face. The base of the fountain is quite elaborate, with curling acanthus leaf decorations that are typical of the period. The sturdy plinth on which the entire fountain is erected has simple concentric decorations, indicating a stable foundation for the intricate superstructure. This piece represents a conceptual blending of figures and serves as an example of the design interests during the time Dürer was active, combining human craftsmanship with representations of the natural world.

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