Bay of Tangier in Morocco by Eugene Delacroix

Bay of Tangier in Morocco - Eugene Delacroix -

Artwork Information

TitleBay of Tangier in Morocco
ArtistEugene Delacroix
Dimensions13 x 18 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Bay of Tangier in Morocco

The artwork entitled “Bay of Tangier in Morocco” is a creation by the artist Eugene Delacroix, a prominent figure of the Romanticism art movement. The piece is a landscape genre painting with dimensions of 13 x 18 cm and is part of the collection at the Louvre in Paris, France. This succinctly conveys the key details about the artwork’s title, creator, stylistic category, size, and current location.

In describing the artwork, it presents a vivid view of the bay in Tangier, a city in Morocco. The painting is rich with the characteristic elements of Romanticism, showcasing the emotional grandeur and exoticism that Delacroix was known for. In the scene, the natural beauty of the waterfront is captured through the use of vibrant colors and expressive brushwork. The representation of the landscape conveys a sense of the sublime, a common theme in Romantic artwork, with inviting blue waters purveying a serene yet dynamic coastal atmosphere. The detailed depiction of buildings and flora suggests Delacroix’s interest in the specifics of local architecture and the natural environment, while also demonstrating his skill in rendering the interplay of light and color to express a particular mood evocative of the location.

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