Bearing of the Cross with St. Veronica (detail) (c.1510) by Lucas van Leyden

Bearing of the Cross with St. Veronica (detail) - Lucas van Leyden - c.1510

Artwork Information

TitleBearing of the Cross with St. Veronica (detail)
ArtistLucas van Leyden
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationNational Museum, Warsaw, Poland
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About Bearing of the Cross with St. Veronica (detail)

The “Bearing of the Cross with St. Veronica” is a notable work by Lucas van Leyden, created around the year 1510. This piece is recognized for its embodiment of the Northern Renaissance style and is categorized as a religious painting. The artwork captures a moment from Christian narratives, depicting the scene where St. Veronica offers comfort to Jesus as he carries the cross.

Lucas van Leyden’s creation is not only a testament to his artistic skill but also serves as an important representation of religious themes during the Renaissance period. The painting is part of the collection at the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland, where it remains accessible to the public for viewing.

The detailed engraving showcases the finesse of van Leyden’s technique and contributes to the rich tapestry of Renaissance art. It stands among other prominent pieces that reflect the era’s deep engagement with biblical subjects and the exploration of human emotion through religious iconography.

For art enthusiasts and historians alike, “Bearing of the Cross with St. Veronica” offers a glimpse into the past, capturing the essence of a pivotal time in art history when artists began to infuse their works with greater realism and emotional depth.

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