Bedtime (Woman Extinguishing Her Lamp) (c.1883) by Edgar Degas

Bedtime (Woman Extinguishing Her Lamp) - Edgar Degas - c.1883

Artwork Information

TitleBedtime (Woman Extinguishing Her Lamp)
ArtistEdgar Degas
Dimensions33 x 38 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Bedtime (Woman Extinguishing Her Lamp)

The artwork titled “Bedtime (Woman Extinguishing Her Lamp)” is an oil on canvas painting created by artist Edgar Degas around 1883. Exemplifying the Impressionist art movement, which was characterized by a focus on light and movement, as well as ordinary subject matters, this artwork measures approximately 33 x 38 cm. The genre of the painting is classified as nude painting (nu), a common subject in Western art that focuses on the naked human figure. The artwork is part of a private collection and therefore not on public display.

In the artwork, a woman is depicted in an intimate and private moment, seemingly extinguishing her lamp before retiring for the night. The composition captures a mix of soft and substantial forms bathed in warm, ambient light, diffused by the glow of the lamp. The Impressionist technique is visible in the brushstrokes and the play of light and shadow, adding a sense of spontaneity and motion to the scene. Degas’ skill in rendering the human form within a domestic setting highlights the beauty in everyday life, a key aspect of Impressionist philosophy.

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