Beer Street (1750) by William Hogarth

Beer Street - William Hogarth - 1751

Artwork Information

TitleBeer Street
ArtistWilliam Hogarth
Dimensions14 1/16 x 11 3/4 in
Art MovementRococo
Current LocationBritish Museum, London, UK
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About Beer Street

Beer Street is a well-known artwork created by William Hogarth in 1750. The print shows happy English citizens enjoying good quality beer while going about their daily tasks. The blacksmith, who is depicted in the center of the print, is an allusion to Handel’s music composition Harmonious Blacksmith, which was popular at the time.

Hogarth carefully observed life in London during the 18th century and included many symbolic features within his artworks. Beer Street and Gin Lane were created as a social commentary on the evils of gin consumption and to support the Gin Act. Hogarth’s work included several moral messages that he intended to communicate through his artwork.

In addition to his social commentary, Hogarth also focused on what made a successful picture with his concept of fitness and variety being crucial for achieving this goal. Overall, Beer Street serves as an excellent representation of Hogarth’s artistic style that aims to deliver a powerful message through intricate detailing and allegory.

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