Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide (1894; France) by Eugene Boudin

Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide - Eugene Boudin - 1894; France

Artwork Information

TitleBerck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide
ArtistEugene Boudin
Date1894; France
Art MovementImpressionism

About Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide

The artwork entitled “Berck, Fisherwomen on the Beach, Low Tide” was crafted by Eugene Boudin in 1894 in France. Belonging to the Impressionism art movement, this piece is a genre painting, which captures a scene from everyday life.

The artwork is characterized by the distinctive brushwork and light color palette emblematic of Impressionism. It portrays a group of fisherwomen clad in traditional attire, seated on the beach at low tide. The women appear to be engaged in conversation and activities related to their work, with some looking out toward the sea, where boats can be discerned at a distance. A large, dark boat in the foreground anchors the composition, while several other vessels with sails dot the horizon line where the sea meets the sky. The expansive beach setting and the sense of open air are effectively conveyed through broad, sweeping strokes of paint, which suggest movement and the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere. Boudin’s employment of such techniques allows the viewer to experience the scene’s naturalism, and his choice of subject matter reflects an interest in the daily lives of local people and their interactions with the coastal environment.

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