Bestiary (1978) by Francesco Clemente

Bestiary - Francesco Clemente - 1978

Artwork Information

ArtistFrancesco Clemente
MediumGouache On Paper, Mounted On Linen
Dimensions79 x 83 in (200.7 x 210.8 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Bestiary

Francesco Clemente’s Bestiary is a set of large ink drawings that were created in 1978. The artist drew himself without using any photographic references and utilized paper the size of a wall in his Rome apartment. These works were part of a series of images featuring the artist and other elements.

Francesco Clemente is an Italian contemporary artist known for his varied medium, such as drawing, fresco, graphics, mosaic, oils, and sculpture. His work reflects traditional art and culture of India which has heavily influenced some pieces. He was associated with other Italian figurative artists during his generation under the banner of the Transavanguardia movement (considered part of Neo-Expressionist).

In November 2018 through March 2019 at Brant Foundation Art Study Center in New York City exhibited a survey on Francesco Clemente Works 1978-2018. This prestigious exhibit was able to display Clemente’s talent through an extensive collection of works that spanned over forty years.

In conclusion, Francesco Clemente’s Bestiary is a remarkable set that offers glimpses into this talented artist’s abilities with ink drawings. He has successfully overcome challenges by not relying on anything photographic while creating these works that are featured alongside various other elements as part of this project featuring him from his early body of work up until present day.

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