Betty de Rothschild, Baronne de Rothschild (1848) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Betty de Rothschild, Baronne de Rothschild - Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique - 1848 - 3

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Artwork Information

TitleBetty de Rothschild, Baronne de Rothschild
ArtistJean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions141.9 x 101 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Betty de Rothschild, Baronne de Rothschild

Baronne de Rothschild is an 1848 portrait by the French Impressionist artist, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. It depicts the wealthy socialite and one of the foremost Parisian patrons of the arts, Betty de Rothschild. Born in 1805 in Frankfurt-Am-Main and married her banker uncle James Mayer de Rothschild, Betty was known as one of the wealthiest women in Europe at the time.

The artwork, with its vibrant colours and shapes, is an example of Jean-Auguste-Dominique’s unique style. His portrayal of Betty is considered to be a masterpiece exemplifying his mastery of neoclassical art. With her pale complexion, soft gaze and distinguished red gown, Betty creates a gracious presence as she poses for Ingres.

Betty de Rothschild will be remembered as a passionate patron of the arts who used her wealth and influence to support many burgeoning artists during her lifetime. Her impact on Impressionism art is undeniable and this touching portrait by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres serves as a beautiful reminder of it. Following this masterpiece, Ingres went on to paint another Impressionistic artwork entitled ‘Bather Of Valpincon’ in 1808 which stands testament to his unparalleled talent as an artist.

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