Between the Clock and the Bed (1989) by Jasper Johns

Between the Clock and the Bed - Jasper Johns - 1989

Artwork Information

TitleBetween the Clock and the Bed
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Between the Clock and the Bed

The artwork titled “Between the Clock and the Bed” was created by artist Jasper Johns in 1989. This piece is often associated with the Abstract Expressionism movement and falls within the genre of abstraction.

“Between the Clock and the Bed” features a dynamic array of intersecting lines and shapes that create a sense of movement and depth across the canvas. The use of vivid colors and stark contrasts enhance the complexity of the composition. Hatching and cross-hatching techniques are visible, contributing texture and dynamism to the piece. The central portion of the artwork showcases a concentration of bright, warm hues that seem to radiate outward, whereas the peripheries exhibit cooler tones and more subdued patterns. The varying densities and directions of the lines create a visual rhythm that leads the eye across the canvas, echoing the temporal connotations suggested by the artwork’s title. Despite the abstract nature of the work, one might interpret the structural elements as a metaphorical representation of time’s passage—chaotic, interwoven, and multifaceted.

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