Bild 1926, 3.cicero (1926) by Kurt Schwitters

Bild 1926, 3.cicero - Kurt Schwitters - 1926

Artwork Information

TitleBild 1926, 3.cicero
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions26 3/4 x 19 1/2 in. (68.1 x 49.6 cm)

About Bild 1926, 3.cicero

Bild 1926, 3.cicero is a notable work created by the German artist Kurt Schwitters in 1926. Schwitters was a prominent figure in the Dadaist and Constructivist movements and his unique artistic style is characterized by his use of found objects, typography, sound poetry, and collage. The piece is part of the Merz series of works that Schwitters developed throughout his career.

In “Bild 1926, 3.cicero,” viewers are presented with an intricate composition that incorporates various elements including photography, newspapers clippings, and handwritten notes. The combination of these disparate materials creates a sense of chaos and fragmentation that was characteristic of Schwitters’ work. The title “3.cicero” refers to one of the found objects incorporated into the piece – a fragment from an ancient manuscript written by Roman statesman Cicero.

Schwitters’ vintage year was indeed 1926 where he demonstrated exemplary skill in creating his Merz compositions. Along with “Bild 1926, 14” and “Albert Finslerbild”, which also showcases excellent use typographical cuts ups that Schwitters dubbed as ‘Merzbilder’, this specific work demonstrates how the artist’s innovative use of material resulted in something unique to behold especially after doing away with traditional painting techniques.

“Bild 1926, 3.Cicero” can now be viewed as a high-quality museum print with or without a painting frame. It remains one of the most iconic pieces from Kurt Schwitters’ extraordinary career as an artist who broke away from conventional art forms to create something truly distinct yet impactful on modern art today.

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