Bild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim (1926) by Kurt Schwitters

Bild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim - Kurt Schwitters - 1926

Artwork Information

TitleBild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions67.5 x 52 cm
Art MovementDada
Current LocationKunstsammlung Nordrhein
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About Bild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim

Kurt Schwitters’ Bild 1926, 12.Kleines Seemannsheim is one of the earliest examples of assemblage art by the Dada artist. It was created in 1926 with pieces of wood and other materials that contributed to the piece’s final outcome. This artwork expresses a clear departure from traditional art forms and is considered to be one of Schwitters’ most important works during his Dada period.

The combination of these materials provides this artwork with a unique combination of textures, colors and movements that makes it stand out from other artworks from the same period. Assemblage by artists such as Schwitters allowed them to create complex and interesting works that remain fascinating to admire years later.

This particular piece by Kurt Schwitters symbolizes a life of transformation, continuity and hope – themes which are recurrent throughout his body of work. His other assemblages such as Mai 191 (created in 1919) further explores this same idea and shows us how his use of found objects explored the issues that affected both him and society during this period of time.

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