Bird And Gauntlet (1956) by Aaron Bohrod

Bird And Gauntlet - Aaron Bohrod - 1956

Artwork Information

TitleBird And Gauntlet
ArtistAaron Bohrod
MediumOil On Gesso Panel
Dimensions12 x 24 in
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Bird And Gauntlet

Aaron Bohrod was an American artist known for his trompe-l’oeil style of highly decorative, detailed still life paintings. One of his notable works is The Rock, painted in 1956 with oil on masonite. Another work is the untitled sgraffito on platter of a bird, which has an estimated selling price of $600-$800 at an auction in February 2022. Bohrod’s works can be found in the collections of several American museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bird and Gauntlet is another beautiful piece by Aaron Bohrod that reflects his talent for creating intricate details. The painting features a gauntlet glove holding a bird perched atop it, seemingly frozen in time to convey a sense of realism. The gauntlet itself appears delicately crafted with its fine leather texture and ornate embellishments, while the bird’s feathers are portrayed with remarkable accuracy that makes them seem almost tangible.

Bohrod’s painting technique followed the trompe-l’oeil style which aimed to create realistic illusions that fool viewers into thinking they are looking at real objects instead of just paint on canvas. Through Bird and Gauntlet, he was able to capture both the beauty and intricacies found in nature that often go unnoticed. Overall, Aaron Bohrod’s Bird and Gauntlet offers a visual feast for art lovers worldwide who appreciate art created with meticulous detail and skillful technique.

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