Biscuits Lefevre-Utile (1896) by Alphonse Mucha

Biscuits Lefevre-Utile - Alphonse Mucha - 1896

Artwork Information

TitleBiscuits Lefevre-Utile
ArtistAlphonse Mucha
Dimensions62 x 43.5 cm
Art MovementArt Nouveau
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Biscuits Lefevre-Utile

The artwork “Biscuits Lefevre-Utile,” created by the celebrated artist Alphonse Mucha in 1896, is a lithograph piece that demonstrates the stylistic characteristics of the Art Nouveau movement. Measuring approximately 62 by 43.5 cm, this piece was designed as an advertisement and is currently held within a private collection.

The artwork shows a graceful woman with flowing, golden hair adorned with vibrant red poppies. She gently rests against a decorative backdrop, holding aloft a tray of biscuits, which are likely the product being advertised – Biscuits Lefevre-Utile. The composition of the piece is both ornamental and elaborate, with sinuous lines creating a sense of movement and elegance. The color palette consists of warm reds, oranges, and blues, adding a sense of richness and depth to the scene. The figure’s serene expression and the stylized floral elements are quintessential features of the Art Nouveau tendency to harmonize natural forms with stylized design. The circular motif that encompasses the year ‘1897’ at the bottom of the artwork provides a strong graphical anchor, balancing the composition and adding a sense of timeless elegance. Mucha’s signature can be seen alongside this circular motif, attributing the work to his masterful hand.

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