Blind Guitarist (1778) by Francisco Goya

Blind Guitarist - Francisco Goya - c.1778

Artwork Information

TitleBlind Guitarist
ArtistFrancisco Goya
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions260 x 311 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationMuseo del Prado, Madrid
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About Blind Guitarist

Francisco Goya’s artwork “The Blind Guitarist” touches on the subject of a blind musician who performs to transmit tragic or scandalous news. This artwork is an etching, measuring 13 13/16 × 21 1/4 inches, and portrayed emotional responses from the audience that surrounded the guitarist. The musician remained unfazed by his listeners’ reactions as he solely focused on his performance.

Considered one of Goya’s most famous paintings, this artwork highlights his distinctive and exceptional approach to painting. He also explored this subject in an earlier etching around the same period; however, “The Blind Guitarist” is more emphasized on portraying emotions and storytelling through the performer’s music. The piece’s central theme has been described as a barbarous entertainment on a print held at the British Museum.

Francisco Goya was a Spanish Romantic painter and printmaker recognized as Spain’s most significant artist of the late 18th and early 19th century. His focus on portraying emotions within his works was particularly evident in “The Blind Guitarist.” It offers insight into Goya’s avant-garde style, characterized by a bold workmanship that defies traditional norms while using creativity to express seemingly unconventional themes.

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