Blind singer (c.1820) by Francisco Goya

Blind singer - Francisco Goya - c.1820

Artwork Information

TitleBlind singer
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Art MovementRomanticism

About Blind singer

The artwork titled “Blind singer” was created by artist Francisco Goya around the year 1820. It is an etching on paper, exemplifying the emotionally evocative and expressive qualities of the Romanticism art movement. Characterized as a portrait, the etching captures the likeness and perhaps the essence of its subject deftly within the constraints of monochromatic line work.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes the depiction of a figure who appears to be engaged in a musical performance. The central figure, presumed to be the blind singer, is shown with a facial expression that conveys intensity and perhaps a deep immersion in song. The singer’s eyes are closed, which may emphasize the aspect of blindness while also suggesting a focus on internal experience over visual perception.

The singer, wearing a hat that casts a shadow over the eyes, is playing a guitar-like instrument, cradled in the lap and strummed with visible movement. The roughness of the etching lines provides texture to the clothing, suggesting a worn and perhaps humble appearance. This textural detail extends to the background, which is sketched with agitated, almost chaotic strokes, giving the impression of an undetermined, possibly turbulent environment.

Overall, the etching by Francisco Goya encapsulates a moment of sincere artistic expression, utilizing the medium of etching to poignant effect. The artist has masterfully communicated the musician’s concentration and the physical act of performance within a simple yet deeply emotive composition.

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