Blue power (2023) by Nikolaos Schizas

Blue power - Nikolaos Schizas - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleBlue power
ArtistNikolaos Schizas
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About Blue power

The artwork entitled “Blue Power” is a captivating piece by artist Nikolaos Schizas, created in 2023. This abstract work is executed using acrylic paint on a canvas that measures 39.4 by 31.5 inches. Schizas’ creation falls within the genre of abstract art and is a part of the broader abstract movement, which eschews direct representation in favor of evoking sensations and experiences through form, color, and composition.

“Blue Power” is characterized by its dynamic use of vibrant blue hues, which dominate the composition and suggest a sense of fluid motion and energy. The application of paint is expressive and appears to be almost spontaneous, with sweeping curved lines and rich textural details that lead the eye across the canvas. The presence of other colors, such as green, white, and hints of red, add depth and complexity to the piece, creating a rich visual tapestry that invites contemplation. Droplets and splatters of paint enhance the sense of movement and give the artwork a visceral immediacy, as if capturing a moment of creative eruption.

Overall, the artwork is a celebration of color and abstract form, resonating with emotional intensity and a palpable sense of artistic freedom.

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