Bond of Union (1956) by Maurits Cornelis Escher

Bond of Union - Maurits Cornelis Escher - 1956

Artwork Information

TitleBond of Union
ArtistMaurits Cornelis Escher
Dimensions25.3 x 33.9 cm (10 x 13 3/8 in.)

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Art MovementSurrealism
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About Bond of Union

Bond of Union is a lithographic print crafted by the Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher in 1956. The artwork is a representation of an abstract organism, comprising several different creatures and objects, including fishes, human hands, and a teapot. The art is known for its surreal and symbolical components.

The Bond of Union has been presented in renowned institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and Centre Pompidou. It is also part of a limited edition set which has been sold at auction. Escher is famous for his intricate and mathematically inspired work, which typically examines concepts like perception and infinity.

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