Book and Guitar (1925) by Juan Gris

Book and Guitar - Juan Gris - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleBook and Guitar
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions37.8 x 46 cm
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Book and Guitar

The artwork titled “Book and Guitar” was created by the artist Juan Gris in 1925. It is an oil on canvas, emblematic of the Cubist art movement, and measures 37.8 by 46 centimeters. The genre of the artwork is still life, and it is currently held in a private collection.

In the artwork, a book and a guitar are the central motifs, fragmented following the Cubist style. The composition dissects and reassembles the subjects in a series of planes and geometric shapes, creating an abstracted form of reality. The palette contains muted tones, which was typical of Gris’s work during this period, contributing to the harmonious balance and subtle depth within the artwork. This depicts the Cubists’ fascination with representing objects from multiple viewpoints and integrating them into a flattened, two-dimensional space. The painting stands as a testament to the innovative and influential nature of Cubism in altering perspectives in visual art.

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