Bouquet of flowers in chocolate (1902) by Henri Matisse

Bouquet of flowers in chocolate - Henri Matisse - 1902

Artwork Information

TitleBouquet of flowers in chocolate
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions64 x 46 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationMusée Picasso, Paris, France

About Bouquet of flowers in chocolate

Titled “Bouquet of Flowers in Chocolate,” this artwork is by the renowned artist Henri Matisse, dating back to 1902. It is a product of the Post-Impressionism movement, emphasizing a more personal expression over the accurate representation that was characteristic of Impressionism. The artwork measures 64 x 46 cm and falls within the genre of flower painting. This piece is housed in the Musée Picasso located in Paris, France.

The artwork features a robust and colorful bouquet of flowers, densely packed and presented in a chocolate-hued vase. The vase rests on what appears to be a table, set against a backdrop divided horizontally, with a lighter shade on top and a deeper, rich color below, suggesting a tabletop or surface. The brushstrokes are expressive and loose, indicative of the Post-Impressionistic style Matisse employed, steering away from realistic depiction and towards a more abstract representation that captures the essence of the subject. The colors are vibrant and somewhat arbitrary, conveying the emotional state and creative intentions of the artist rather than the natural colors of the scene. Matisse’s signature can be discerned at the lower left of the canvas, leaving a personal mark on this composition that can bring a sense of life and energy to any observer who has the pleasure of viewing it in person at the Musée Picasso.

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