Bouquet of flowers (1882; Paris, France) by Paul Gauguin

Bouquet of flowers - Paul Gauguin - 1882; Paris, France

Artwork Information

TitleBouquet of flowers
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1882; Paris, France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Bouquet of flowers

The artwork titled “Bouquet of Flowers” is a creation by Paul Gauguin from 1882, during his time in Paris, France. It is an oil painting on canvas, representative of the Impressionist movement, which emphasizes the effects of light with quick, broken brushstrokes that portray the sensation of the subject rather than the precision. The expression of this piece falls within the still life genre, and it currently resides in a private collection.

The artwork depicts an array of flowers, ostensibly gathered into a bouquet, though not arranged in a traditional, structured manner. Instead, the flowers burst forth in a vibrant, seemingly spontaneous display. Gauguin’s signature, along with the date, is prominently visible in the upper left corner, giving an informal, personal touch to the work. The hues and tones used range from rich, deep reds and pinks to bright yellows, with shades of green and white adding contrast and depth.

Dabs and swirls of paint create an impression of floral shapes, while brushstrokes quickly applied convey dynamic motion, suggesting the natural, uncontrolled growth of the flowers. The background is dark, with neutral colors that push the brightly colored flowers to the visual forefront. Through the use of contrasting colors and bold brushwork, Gauguin effectively captures the essence and vibrancy of the floral subject matter, characteristic of the Impressionist intention to depict a moment in time with all its fleeting light and color.

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