Brace (1962) by Robert Rauschenberg

Brace - Robert Rauschenberg - 1962

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Artwork Information

ArtistRobert Rauschenberg
Mediummixed media
Dimensions60 x 60 in. (152.4 x 152.4 cm)
Art MovementPop Art
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Brace

The artwork titled “Brace” was created by artist Robert Rauschenberg in 1962. It is a mixed media work that reflects the Pop Art movement, a genre that emerged in the 1950s and rose to prominence throughout the 1960s. Measuring 60 inches by 60 inches (152.4 x 152.4 cm), the piece can be classified as figurative art and is currently held within a private collection, meaning it is not on public display.

The artwork itself features an amalgamation of various elements that appear to be layered atop one another, creating a complex visual landscape. The background exhibits broad, painterly gestures in a monochromatic palette, primarily in shades of black and white that suggest a certain dynamism behind the more static images. Superimposed upon this are what appear to be photographic transfers depicting athletes in action, specifically baseball players caught in mid-motion, which is a hallmark of Rauschenberg’s work with mixed media and his efforts at blurring the lines between different art forms. The figures of the players contribute a sense of narrative and vitality to the piece.

Throughout the composition, areas of color are negligible yet intentional, allowing the viewer’s eye to focus on the contrast between the high-energy sports imagery and the abstract painterly strokes that frame and intersect them. The choice of images and the way they are integrated give the work a sense of temporality, as if capturing instances from a bygone era of media through a modern, artistic lens. This interplay between different components typifies the innovative spirit of Pop Art, with its emphasis on popular culture and the integration of non-traditional materials and techniques into fine art.

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