Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath (1828) by John Constable

Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath - John Constable - 1828

Artwork Information

TitleBranch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath
ArtistJohn Constable
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions23 7/8 x 30 3/4 in (60.6 x 78 cm)
Current LocationCleveland Museum Of Art

About Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath

John Constable, a renowned English landscape painter, painted several versions of the Branch Hill Pond composition from 1819 to 1836. He moved to Hampstead in 1819 and Branch Hill Pond became one of his favourite subjects. The view over Branch Hill Pond offered him a perspective of the heath plus the skies overhead. Constable found inspiration in the unchanging countryside scenery.

The painting of Branch Hill Pond in 1828 is oil on canvas and measures 89 x 105.5 x 11.5 cm (35 1/16 x 41 9/16 x 4). It depicts a serene scene with different hues of greens and blues that are highlighted by spots of bright colors. This painting was praised by critics for its rich and varied piece of coloring.

This artwork can be found in V&A museum as one of several larger paintings based on sketches from Branch Hill Pond that Constable created until about four years before his death at age sixty-one. In addition, The Cleveland Museum acquired the painting in1972, further denotes its significance as Cornwall was not what it is today but rather considered an unimportant region to art collectors during its time.

John Constable’s artwork offers an idyllic atmosphere that shows off nature’s beauty through simple yet striking natural elements intertwined with each other creating stunning scenery.

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