Breakwater at Trouville, Low Tide (1870) by Claude Monet

Breakwater at Trouville, Low Tide - Claude Monet - 1870

Artwork Information

TitleBreakwater at Trouville, Low Tide
ArtistClaude Monet
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions54 x 66 cm (21 1/4 x 26 in.)
Current LocationSzepmuveszeti Museum, Budapest
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About Breakwater at Trouville, Low Tide

Breakwater at Trouville, Low Tide is a painting created by the renowned French artist, Claude Monet, in 1870. The painting depicts the shallow ocean during low tide, where the breakwater seals off the left-hand edge of the artwork. Monet spent his honeymoon in Trouville, a fashionable seaside resort at that time.

Monet was known for being an unparalleled master of painting water, and this work is no exception. The painting reproduces the shallowness of the ocean accurately with meticulous detail. One can observe how various shades of blue are blended together to create an impressionistic effect of a tranquil sea.

Despite its apparently haphazard composition that gives off an illusion of randomness strokes blended in perfect harmony reflects Monet’s skillful technique as a painter. The seemingly unassuming work boasts intricate details and subliminal coherence wanted from such artwork.

Overall, Breakwater at Trouville, Low Tide is undoubtedly one of Monet’s impressive works which encapsulates his mastery in capturing natural light’s effect while incorporating intricate details and subtle nuances into his artistry.

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