Breton Women at the Turn (1888; Pont-aven, France) by Paul Gauguin

Breton Women at the Turn - Paul Gauguin - 1888; Pont-aven, France

Artwork Information

TitleBreton Women at the Turn
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1888; Pont-aven, France
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Breton Women at the Turn

The artwork “Breton Women at the Turn” is a genre painting by Paul Gauguin, created in 1888 during his time in Pont-Aven, France. This oil on canvas piece is significant within the Post-Impressionism movement and, as of the current knowledge, remains part of a private collection.

The painting portrays the daily life scene of Breton women in traditional dress, captured in profile as they walk along a winding rural path. The women exhibit a sturdy presence, with their attention directed inward or toward the path they traverse. One woman, prominently placed in the foreground, is adorned with a white headpiece that contrasts strongly with her dark clothing, drawing the viewer’s eye to her as a focal point. Behind these figures, the landscape is depicted with bold, expressive brushstrokes common to Post-Impressionist works. A cow grazes peacefully to the side, and a dog moves independently in the lower foreground, underscoring the harmony between the inhabitants and their environment. The muted earth tones and the soft pastel hues of the sky complement the serene mood of the bucolic setting, emphasizing Gauguin’s interest in portraying the essence of rural life in Brittany.

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