Bridge To The Sea (1944) by Milton Avery

Bridge To The Sea - Milton Avery - 1944

Artwork Information

TitleBridge To The Sea
ArtistMilton Avery
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 x 48 in.

About Bridge To The Sea

Milton Avery was a prominent American painter, famous for his portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. One of his most renowned landscape paintings is “Bridge to the Sea,” initially created in 1937. This masterpiece depicts a bridge extending over blue water with yellow and green trees in the background.

Avery distinguished himself through his unique vision of the American art scene by utilizing abstracted forms complemented with vibrant colors. As an American Matisse, he was known for his bold use of creative colors and drawing techniques that depicted the essence of scenes without relying on intricate details.

“Bridge to the Sea” incorporates Avery’s signature style – broad swaths of colorful loops that emphasize the tonal value overlined sketches producing a serene appearance capturing both human emotion and natural beauty.

Avery’s artwork enjoys universal appeal captivating collectors worldwide resulting in gallery exhibitions across America from New York City to California. A fine example of contemporary art; inspired by nature and classic European modernism that influenced successive generations succeeding Avery leaving an enduring legacy still appreciated by new audiences today.

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