Broad collar and ankle bracelet by Egyptian Art

Broad collar and ankle bracelet - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleBroad collar and ankle bracelet
ArtistEgyptian Art
Current LocationAgyptisches Museum, Universitaet Leipzig

About Broad collar and ankle bracelet

Broad collars and ankle bracelets were popular forms of jewelry worn by ancient Egyptians. These accessories were often made of Egyptian faience, which is a glazed ceramic known for its green color symbolizing regeneration and the power of the sun. As jewelry, they were highly valued and thought to ward off evil spirits not only in this life but also in the afterlife.

Broad collars were characterized by multiple rows of beads and were commonly found on the upper chest of the wearer. Counterweights were often added to keep them in place. They were worn by both men and women of the ancient Egyptian elite, and wealthy women could afford to wear broad collars as well. On the other hand, ankle bracelets were more common among the general population.

In addition to jewelry, cats were also commonly depicted in ancient Egyptian art. They were held in high esteem for their ability to kill rodents, and as pets, they were greatly appreciated. Moreover, the collar and ankle bracelet showcased in the Agyptisches Museum, Universitaet Leipzig, date back to the Fifth Dynasty. These pieces serve as a testament to the advanced craftsmanship and aesthetic understanding of ancient Egyptian artisans.

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