Brother And Sister (1933) by Max Beckmann

Brother And Sister - Max Beckmann - 1933

Artwork Information

TitleBrother And Sister
ArtistMax Beckmann
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions52 1/2 x 39 in.

About Brother And Sister

Brother and Sister is a genre scene painted in 1933 by German painter, Max Beckmann. The oil on canvas painting features a brother and sister, depicted through the use of bold lines and rich colors. The children’s faces are solemn, which may suggest the difficult times during the Nazi regime in Germany. This painting is one of Beckmann’s best portrait works.

The painting is currently held at The New York Museum of Modern Art, where it has been exhibited alongside other noteworthy pieces from various artists around the world. Brother and Sister showcases Beckmann’s signature style, characterized by harsh outlines that highlight every aspect of his subjects’ features and give them a strong presence on the canvas. It also exemplifies his devotion to traditional artistic techniques.

Brother and Sister was created in 1933 when political tensions were rising in Germany as Hitler rose to power. Many artists faced challenges during this period because their work did not conform to Nazi ideals. Despite this, Beckmann continued to create art that reflected his unique style while standing against conformity to any particular art movement or political agenda.

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