Bush Leaves (2013) by Abie Loy Kemarre

Bush Leaves - Abie Loy Kemarre - 2013

Artwork Information

TitleBush Leaves
ArtistAbie Loy Kemarre
Art MovementNative Art
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About Bush Leaves

“Bush Leaves” is an abstract artwork created by Abie Loy Kemarre in 2013. The artist’s roots in Native Art are evident in the painting, which embodies the characteristics of the art movement, including a connection to the natural world and the use of traditional motifs and symbolism.

The artwork depicts a densely patterned array of lines and shapes that suggest the intricate and lush texture of foliage. The composition is largely monochromatic, creating an almost hypnotic effect with its fine, detailed brushstrokes that weave together to form a unified whole. This abstract representation captures the essence of the bush, conveying both its complexity and its harmony. Each stroke contributes to a larger pattern, reminiscent of the rich tapestry found in nature. The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the beauty of the natural world through the lens of abstract expression, characteristic of Kemarre’s unique artistic style.

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