Bushbaby (2004) by Jasper Johns

Bushbaby - Jasper Johns - 2004

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ArtistJasper Johns

About Bushbaby

The artwork entitled “Bushbaby” was created by the artist Jasper Johns in 2004. As a piece within the figurative genre, it stands as a testament to Johns’ artistic inquiries into the nature of perception and the nuances of visual representation.

Upon inspection, the artwork reveals a complex composition characterized by geometric arrangements and an eclectic use of color and texture. Dominating the left side of the composition is a vertical band filled with an array of circles, each encased within a square, creating a sense of rhythm through the repetitive, yet varied, pattern. Interspersed among these circles are a series of colors which draw the eye and suggest a coded or symbolic significance.

Adjacent to this segment is a large, dark vertical shape that bisects the artwork, possibly symbolizing a barrier or division within the spatial context. Extending from this central element is a prominent diagonal form, rendered in bright yellow, initiating a striking contrast against the darker hues around it. This feature helps to direct attention towards the central part of the composition.

At the heart of the composition is a smaller square motif with what appears to be a schematic or emblematic form. The presence of this design within the overall structure of the artwork might serve as a focal point, inviting viewers to ponder on its reference or symbolism.

The background, characterized by a harlequin pattern of diamond shapes in subdued tones, complements the brighter elements, adding depth and texture to the overall design. This pattern also conveys a tactile sense, as if the diamonds could be quilted fabric or distinctively textured tiles.

Overall, “Bushbaby” exemplifies Jasper Johns’ renowned technique of layering symbols and incorporating diverse textures to engage and challenge the observer’s perceptions, making the artwork a compelling piece that merges abstract tendencies with recognizable forms.

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