Bust of Scipione Borghese (1632) by Gianlorenzo Bernini

Bust of Scipione Borghese - Gian Lorenzo Bernini - 1630

Artwork Information

TitleBust of Scipione Borghese
ArtistGian Lorenzo Bernini
Dimensions(78 cm)
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationGalleria Borghese, Rome
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About Bust of Scipione Borghese

The Bust of Scipione Borghese is a marble portrait sculpture created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1632. Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who was the nephew of Pope Paul V and a wealthy art collector, commissioned the work. The sculpture is located in two different versions in the Borghese Gallery in Rome.

The Bust is considered a masterpiece of Baroque sculpture because it captures the vital energy and foresight of Scipione Borghese, whose patronage helped define the movement. Bernini was hired by Scipione to create the sculpture and was recognized as an era-defining talent. The Bust is an excellent representation of his artistry and ability to capture the essence of the subject.

Bernini’s attention to detail is evident in the exquisite rendering of the subject’s facial features and the garment’s texture. The sculpture is an impressive mix of realism and idealism that makes it a work of art that is both effortless and dynamic in appearance. The Bust of Scipione Borghese is one of Bernini’s famous works and a must-see piece for anyone interested in the Baroque movement’s evolution.

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