C_64_behind it…. (2017) by Martina Hartusch

C_64_behind it.... - Martina Hartusch - 2017

Artwork Information

TitleC_64_behind it....
ArtistMartina Hartusch
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About C_64_behind it....

The artwork titled “C_64_behind it….,” created by Martina Hartusch in 2017, is an abstract piece rendered in acrylic on canvas, measuring 39.4 by 47.2 inches. As an exemplar of the abstract genre, the piece does not seek to represent external reality but instead uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

Upon examining the artwork, one is immediately struck by the dynamic interplay of color and form. The composition is a vivid tableau of contrasting hues, with prominent areas of green, orange, brown, and white that suggest a sense of motion and emotion. The artist has applied the paint in a variety of techniques, from thick impasto to thin veiling and dripping, which imbues the piece with texture and depth.

Abstract shapes seem to emerge from the canvas, their boundaries ebbing and flowing amidst splashes of color that are both brilliant and subdued. This abstract landscape invites viewers to lose themselves in interpretation, projecting their own thoughts and feelings onto the non-representational forms. The painting stands as a testament to the subjective experience of art, encouraging personal reflection and introspection through its bold execution.

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