Cadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap (1986) by Dale Chihuly

Cadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap - Dale Chihuly - 1986

Artwork Information

TitleCadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap
ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions16 x 36 x 60 in
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About Cadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap

Dale Chihuly’s Macchia series is a stunning exploration of unique color combinations achieved through the use of brightly colored spots for a speckled effect in his artwork. The series began with Chihuly’s desire to incorporate all 300 colors in his hotshop into his work, and he pushed the boundaries of possibility and scale to create pieces up to four feet in diameter. One such piece is the Cadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap, created by Chihuly in 1986.

This particular piece showcases Chihuly’s experimental techniques that combine fine art and design, resulting in an exceptional work of art. The infusion of cadmium lemon with violeta lip wrap gives this piece both striking contrast and harmony, highlighting Chihuly’s unique ability to manipulate color for an astonishing visual effect. This large-scale work boasts precise craftsmanship that demonstrates Chihuly’s mastery as a preeminent contemporary maker of art glass.

Overall, Dale Chihuly’s Cadmium Lemon Macchia With Violeta Lip Wrap from 1986 offers viewers an extraordinary peek into the beauty and talent behind this celebrated artist’s work. Through his use of vibrant colors and innovative techniques, he produces distinctive one-of-a-kind glass artworks that are unrivaled in their brilliance and complexity. This specific creation stands out not only for its remarkable aesthetic appeal but also its contribution to contemporary Art Glass history.

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