Cafe Deutschland – Cafeprobe (1980) by Joerg Immendorff

Cafe Deutschland - Cafeprobe - Joerg Immendorff - 1980

Artwork Information

TitleCafe Deutschland - Cafeprobe
ArtistJoerg Immendorff
Dimensions280 x 350 cm
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Cafe Deutschland - Cafeprobe

Joerg Immendorff’s Cafe Deutschland painting series is a powerful representation of the ideological divide between East and West Germany on a metaphorical stage. Created in the late 1970s to early 1980s, the series comprises nineteen paintings that feature an extensive cast of political and artistic figures from both sides of the divide. The paintings are densely packed with political iconography, reflecting the complex cultural and political context of Cold War-era Germany.

The Cafe Deutschland paintings draw inspiration from the exaggerated forms and bitter social commentary of Weimar-era artists George Grosz and Max Beckmann. However, Immendorff brings his unique style to this body of work, creating images that are simultaneously biting and playful. In particular, he uses a bright color palette to contrast with the serious subject matter, creating an ambiguous tone that adds depth to each image.

Overall, Joerg Immendorff’s Cafe Deutschland is considered one of his most significant works. By blending art history with contemporary politics in this way, he creates a remarkable reflection on German society during one of its most tumultuous periods. The series remains an essential contribution to German contemporary art scene while simultaneously providing insight into German culture at large during this period.

**Note: Added information about Immendorff’s unique style emphasizing bright colors which contrasted well with serious subjects such as politics**

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