Cafe Deutschland II (1978) by Joerg Immendorff

Cafe Deutschland II - Joerg Immendorff - 1978

Artwork Information

TitleCafe Deutschland II
ArtistJoerg Immendorff
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions290 x 290 cm
Current LocationKunstmuseum Bonn

About Cafe Deutschland II

Cafe Deutschland II is one of sixteen paintings from a series created by German artist Jorg Immendorff between 1977-78. Using acrylic paint, the series explores various themes related to German history and artistic identity through the framework of a fictitious bar interior. The paintings are characterized by densely packed political iconography and feature a vast cast of political and artistic figures.

Through his not-so-subtle use of symbols and images, Immendorff presents a critique on Germany’s divided history – from the Third Reich to its eventual separation into East and West. “Cafe Deutschland II” is notable for its large scale, which echoes Guttuso’s “Caffè Greco.” There are different variations of the painting, including “Café Deutschland – One Goal” and “Café Deutschland Tempelform,” each uniquely commenting on German society.

The painting has been exhibited in galleries worldwide and auctioned off at high prices. Its significance lies in its ability to provide insight into Germany’s complicated political past while simultaneously utilizing powerful imagery to accomplish this aim. Overall, “Cafe Deutschland II” remains an important work in contemporary art that continues to generate discussion among scholars and enthusiasts alike.

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