Cammino spensierato / Lighthearted stroll (2018) by Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer

Cammino spensierato / Lighthearted stroll - Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer - 2018

Artwork Information

TitleCammino spensierato / Lighthearted stroll
ArtistMaria Bevilacqua-Fischer
MediumAcrylic, Charcoal on Canvas
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About Cammino spensierato / Lighthearted stroll

The artwork entitled “Cammino spensierato / Lighthearted stroll” was crafted by artist Maria Bevilacqua-Fischer in the year 2018. It is an abstract piece, engaging the use of acrylic and charcoal on canvas, with dimensions measuring 39.4 by 39.4 inches. The genre is abstract art and it belongs to the abstract movement, a testament to the diversity of forms that pure abstraction can take.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes a vivid and compelling composition that gracefully merges texture and color. A dynamic use of blues, reds, and yellows amidst a backdrop of neutral whites and grays contributes to a sense of depth and movement within the piece. The artwork seems to capture a moment of carefree motion, with a figure in a flowing red garment appearing to be in mid-stride or dance. The presence of what appears to be foliage and bursts of color evoke a sense of being outdoors, potentially in a garden or a lush landscape. The interplay between the materials used—acrylic and charcoal—adds a tangible richness and complexity to the artwork’s surface, suggesting both energy and tranquility coexisting within the abstract space.

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