Can You Hear Me (1984) by Elizabeth Murray

Can You Hear Me - Elizabeth Murray - 1984

Artwork Information

TitleCan You Hear Me
ArtistElizabeth Murray
MediumOil on 4 Canvases
Dimensions106 x 159 x 12 in.
Current LocationDallas Museum of Art
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About Can You Hear Me

Elizabeth Murray’s 1984 work, Oil on Canvas, is a quite remarkable display of the artist’s talents in paint and drawing. With overall dimensions of 106 x 159 x 12 in and a framed dimension with a T-Frame of 108 x 169 x 15 inches, Murray’s painting technique is easily apparent. Her works are located not on view from the Dallas Museum of Art; she was an American painter, printmaker and draughtsman whose works are found in many major public collections.

Murray was known to often utilize thick swathes of paint in her works giving them a cartoonish effect. Fuchsia Necklace (1905) by Alphonse Mucha explored this idea as well where he showcased his artistic abilities using various shades of bright fuscia color to represent the heroine’s necklace within his chosen artwork.

In summary, artists such as Elizabeth Murray and Alphonse Mucha can be viewed as leaders in the use of vivid colors and paint swatches to create scenes that resemble cartoons. This could be contributed to their vast array of fundamentals within fine art that has given way for more experimental elements used by contemporary painters today.

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