Cannibalism in Autumn (1936-1937) by Salvador Dali

Cannibalism in Autumn - Salvador Dali - 1936-1937

Artwork Information

TitleCannibalism in Autumn
ArtistSalvador Dali
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions65 x 65.2 cm
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About Cannibalism in Autumn

Salvador Dali’s “Cannibalism In Autumn,” painted in 1936, is a piece of Surrealist art that features a couple locked in a cannibalistic embrace. The painting is renowned for its thought-provoking view of war and the consuming nature of sexual relationships.

The painting was purchased by the Edward James Foundation and later acquired by the Tate Gallery in 1975. Measuring at 65.07 x 65.07 cm, it was painted using oil paint on canvas.

The Surrealist movement aimed to confront and challenge existing norms and beliefs by exploring dreams and unconsciousness through art. Dali’s use of imagery in “Cannibalism In Autumn” exemplifies these aims, with the two figures melding together as one flesh while parts of their bodies are missing or distorted.

Despite its controversial subject matter, “Cannibalism In Autumn” remains an iconic piece of art that invites viewers to reflect on the destructive nature of war and human relationships. Its surreal imagery challenges established notions about love and power dynamics by depicting them as cannibalistic acts that consume us completely.

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