Carlos IV on Horseback by Francisco Goya

Carlos IV on Horseback - Francisco Goya -

Artwork Information

TitleCarlos IV on Horseback
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Art MovementRomanticism,Rococo

About Carlos IV on Horseback

The artwork “Carlos IV on Horseback” is a distinguished portrait by Francisco Goya, a pivotal figure in the Romanticism movement, whose work also exhibits elements of Rococo. In this piece, Goya captures the likeness of King Charles IV of Spain, depicted with regal poise atop a steadfast horse. This work belongs to the genre of portraiture, a category wherein Goya’s adeptness at blending the grandeur of his subjects with a touch of individuality is well recognized.

In the artwork, King Charles IV is portrayed in full regalia, reflecting the prestige and authority of his position. Mounted confidently on his horse, he gazes outward with a composed expression, conveying the sense of a ruler in command. The steed, sturdy and composed, stands as a symbol of power and nobility, an appropriate companion for a sovereign depicted in such a stately manner. Goya’s brushwork, while adhering to the delicate and ornamental characteristics associated with the Rococo, simultaneously embraces the emotive and dynamic qualities of Romanticism. The background is subdued, with muted tones and an uncomplicated landscape that serves to focus attention on the monarch and his mount. The composition as a whole is a fine testament to Goya’s skill in capturing the essence of his era’s elite, offering insight into the period’s attitudes towards rulership and the aesthetic considerations of portraiture.

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