Carnelian Country (1932) by Marsden Hartley

Carnelian Country - Marsden Hartley - 1932

Artwork Information

TitleCarnelian Country
ArtistMarsden Hartley
MediumOil on cardboard
Dimensions23 7/8 x 28 3/4 in
Current LocationThe Regis Collection, Minneapolis

About Carnelian Country

Marsden Hartley’s Carnelian Country is a 1932 Oil Painting Reproduction of the original by Arts lovers can find high-quality artwork with stunning detail, that’ll look great in any setting. Museum Quality Guaranteed with free shipping makes it easier to get fit an aesthetically pleasing decor for home or office.

This painting was completed by well known American modernist artist Marsden Hartley who often used American scenes and icons in his artworks. The painting is clearly inspired from nature, showing details of the bucolic New England Landscapes as well as a study of subtle seasonal colouring arrangement. Bartley also focuses on realism, adding further depth to the imagery.

Carnelian Country is part of Marsden Hartley’s popular oil paintings, featuring recognisable motifs and elements along with new abstract interpretations across the canvas. As a piece of art, it has an impressive depth compared to other works and styles from 1932 to present day.

For fans of oil paintings, this reproduction is an attractive buy thanks to its affordability and assurance of museum quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for more modernist vibes, you might be interested in attempting Philip Guston’s Zone (1953-54). This artwork stands out for its abstract expressionism and deliberate colours that give a compelling interpretation of shapes and forms making it both unique and essential for oil painting enthusiasts.

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