Cartoon for Tanya (1972) by Jasper Johns

Cartoon for Tanya - Jasper Johns - 1972

Artwork Information

TitleCartoon for Tanya
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Cartoon for Tanya

The artwork titled “Cartoon for Tanya” was created by Jasper Johns in 1972. It is associated with the Abstract Expressionism movement and is characterized under the genre of figurative art. The composition presents a blend of abstract elements that collectively form a representation which may suggest the presence of figure or figures, albeit rendered in a nontraditional manner.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes a series of marks and shapes that are distributed across the canvas in a seemingly spontaneous fashion. Despite the labeled genre of figurative, the abstraction within the artwork challenges viewers to discern recognizable forms amidst the expressive and gestural application of media. The predominant use of monochromatic tones further abstracts the potential figures, drawing focus to the texture, form, and interplay of positive and negative space rather than to color.

A notable feature within the composition is the presence of text inscribed on the upper right corner, lending a conceptual layer to the piece which invites speculation about the relationship between the textual and visual elements. The dynamic between the precisely delineated elements and the more freely applied media suggests an exploration into the dichotomy between control and spontaneity, a thematic concern often found within Abstract Expressionism. Overall, the artwork stands as a testament to the era’s movement away from literal representation towards evocation through abstraction.

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