Cassiopeia #1 by Joseph Cornell

Cassiopeia #1 - Joseph Cornell -

Artwork Information

TitleCassiopeia #1
ArtistJoseph Cornell

About Cassiopeia #1

Joseph Cornell was an artist known for his innovative use of found objects in his sculptures and collages. In his work Cassiopeia #1, Cornell combines astronomy and mythology to create a unique interpretation of the constellation. The artwork consists of a series of boxes arranged in a geometric pattern, each containing various objects such as seashells, marbles, and stars.

At first glance, the boxes appear to be randomly arranged; however, upon closer inspection, one can see that they are carefully placed in the shape of Cassiopeia’s W asterism. The colors used in each box also correspond to the stars’ brightness level in Cassiopeia.

Cornell’s use of found objects is evident in this artwork as well. Objects such as seashells and star charts add depth and complexity to the piece while tying it back to its astronomical inspiration.

Overall, Cassiopeia #1 is an excellent example of Joseph Cornell’s unique style and attention to detail. By incorporating elements from both astronomy and mythology with found objects, he creates an imaginative new interpretation of the constellation that captures viewers’ imagination.

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