Cassiopeia 1 (1960) by Joseph Cornell

Cassiopeia 1 - Joseph Cornell - 1960

Artwork Information

TitleCassiopeia 1
ArtistJoseph Cornell
Art MovementSurrealism

About Cassiopeia 1

The artwork titled “Cassiopeia 1” was created by artist Joseph Cornell in the year 1960. As an exemplar piece of the Surrealism movement, this installation invites viewers into a space where the conventional boundaries of reality and imagination blur. This particular work, associated with the enigmatic and dream-like tendencies of Surrealism, employs a variety of techniques to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation.

Observing the details of “Cassiopeia 1,” one can discern a box-like structure, presumably a wooden frame enclosing found objects and images. The artwork creates a miniature tableau, featuring celestial motifs and contrasting textures. In the upper half of the composition, spherical elements that could represent celestial bodies float against a dark backdrop speckled with star-like points, evoking a nocturnal sky. Below, a printed image appears partially obscured, while other objects, potentially symbolic in nature, contribute to an enigmatic narrative. The play of shadow and light, along with the distinct framing, suggests a window into another world, inviting the viewer to engage with the scene on a personal and imaginative level. Through this encapsulated cosmos, Cornell offers a glimpse into his intricate and mysterious creative universe, encouraging the observer to explore the nuances of the subconscious mind as it interacts with the realm of artistic expression.

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