Cathedral Corner (1987) by Gerhard Richter

Cathedral Corner - Gerhard Richter - 1987

Artwork Information

TitleCathedral Corner
ArtistGerhard Richter
MediumOil On Canvas
Current LocationPrivate Collection, New York

About Cathedral Corner

German artist Gerhard Richter’s 1987 painting, Cathedral Corner, is a striking piece based on his own photograph of Cologne Cathedral from 1984. The artwork is entirely void of figuration and recognizable imagery; instead, it employs thick brushstrokes and monochromatic color to sweep across the canvas in a fluid motion that entirely fuses itself.

Cathedral Corner belongs to the Collection of Samuel and Ronnie Heyman in Palm Beach and is considered an important work of Post-War German Art. Throughout his career, Richter has displayed a tremendous range, shifting between figurative and abstract painting techniques. Since he was born in Dresden in 1932, he has been considered among the most important living contemporary artists.

Richter’s unique approach to this artwork distinguishes it from other paintings centered around the Cathedral. He manages to capture its essence without using any discernible images or figures yet retains its overarching spirit through cleverly placed brushstrokes executed with absolute precision. This masterpiece perfectly depicts how abstract art can achieve as much beauty as traditional approaches while retaining an authentic style unique to their creators’ hands.

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