Cathedral (1947) by Jackson Pollock

Cathedral - Jackson Pollock - 1947

Artwork Information

ArtistJackson Pollock
MediumEnamel on Canvas
Dimensions89.06 x 181.61 cm
Art MovementAction painting
Current LocationDallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX, US

About Cathedral

“Cathedral,” created by artist Jackson Pollock in 1947, is a quintessential example of the abstract genre within the art movement known as Action Painting. The artwork, executed in enamel on canvas, measures 89.06 cm in height by 181.61 cm in width. This piece is part of the collection housed at the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas, United States.

The artwork unfolds as a complex tapestry of enamel paint, dynamically applied across the surface of the canvas. The composition is characterized by a frenzy of overlapping lines, drips, and splatters that create a dense, rhythmic web. The color palette is predominantly black, white, and gray, with sporadic accents of yellow and red energizing the otherwise monochrome scheme. The painting’s title, “Cathedral,” perhaps alludes to the artwork’s sense of monumental scale and intricacy, which might evoke the soaring heights and intricate details of a Gothic cathedral’s architecture.

Pollock’s technique of pouring, dripping, and splattering paint reflects a physical engagement with his materials, each mark registering the artist’s movements in the moment of creation. This physicality is a hallmark of Action Painting, where the process of making the artwork is as important as the finished piece itself. As a result, “Cathedral” stands not only as a visual experience but also as a record of Pollock’s performative act of painting.

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