Catwom (2015) by Erick Artik

Catwom - Erick Artik - 2015

Artwork Information

ArtistErick Artik
MediumAcrylic, Resin on Canvas

About Catwom

The artwork titled “Catwom” is a creative piece by artist Erick Artik, completed in the year 2015. It has been crafted using acrylic and resin on a canvas that measures 60 by 36 inches. The genre of this piece falls under the category of urban art, and stylistically, it adheres to the pop art movement.

In the artwork, the viewer is presented with a striking figure that dominates the composition—a subject dressed in a tight-fitting costume that is reminiscent of the attire typically associated with the comic book character Catwoman, although her face is not clearly visible to make a definite identification. The figure is depicted in a dynamic pose with one arm extended upward, holding what appears to be a camera pointed towards themself in a suggestive selfie gesture. The color palette used mainly consists of black, with accents of white, and a bold contrast is offered by pink and red hues, primarily in the background text and lips of the figure, respectively.

The background features the text “CATWOM” in an expressive, graffiti-like font that drips down the canvas, enhancing the urban aesthetic of the piece. This textual element is juxtaposed against a brown backdrop with lighter splashes and streaks of white, adding to the overall edgy and contemporary feel of the work. The artist’s signature is noticeable at the bottom of the canvas, adding a personal touch to the artwork. The use of stark contrasts, prominent lines, and the integration of text as part of the visual experience embody the hallmarks of pop art, with its often vibrant, graphic quality and commentary on popular and media culture.

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