Chain Pier, Brighton (1827) by John Constable

Chain Pier, Brighton - John Constable - 1827

Artwork Information

TitleChain Pier, Brighton
ArtistJohn Constable
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions127 x 183 cm (50 x 72 in.)

About Chain Pier, Brighton

Chain Pier, Brighton is an oil painting by the famous artist John Constable, completed in 1827. The painting portrays the bustling activity of Brighton’s growing port city, showcasing the ships, seafarers, and hotel and hospitality industry of the area. The Chain Pier depicted in the painting had only recently been completed and it symbolized Brighton’s modern status as a center for trade and tourism.

Constable and his family lived in Brighton for several months, providing him with ample inspiration to create his artwork. During this time, he made numerous drawings and sketches which later served as references for this particular painting.

The painting is now part of the collection at the Tate Gallery in London, and it remains a testament to Constable’s ability to capture the vibrant energy of a growing city. Its depiction of the Chain Pier still resonates with viewers today, displaying Brighton’s identity as a destination for seafarers and travelers alike.

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