Champ de Mars The Red Tower (1911–1923) by Robert Delaunay

Champ de Mars The Red Tower - Robert Delaunay - 1911 - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleChamp de Mars The Red Tower
ArtistRobert Delaunay
Date1911 - 1923
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions160.7 x 128.6 cm
Current LocationThe Art Institute of Chicago
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About Champ de Mars The Red Tower

Champ De Mars: The Red Tower is a painting by French artist Robert Delaunay, completed in 1911/23. The canvas depicts the Eiffel Tower in Paris, using a visual style heavily adapted from Cubism with a modern and dynamic twist. Delaunay’s use of vibrant colors and experimental forms was a unique blend of early 20th-century European artistic movements.

Together with his wife Sonia Delaunay, he founded the Orphism movement. The Red Tower is part of a series of paintings of the Eiffel Tower that Delaunay created. The artwork is classified as abstract art, and it currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago in the USA.

Delaunay’s work was heavily influenced by French Orphism and Cubism, which, in turn, influenced Italian Futurists and German Expressionists. The Eiffel Tower painting is representative of Delaunay’s fascination with the effects of light and color, particularly how they interact in modern, urban environments.

Overall, Champ De Mars: The Red Tower is a significant artwork that showcases Robert Delaunay’s experimental and unique artistic style. The painting is a testament to the influence of Cubism and the Orphism movement on modern 20th-century art.

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