Chez Mouquin (1905) by William Glackens

Chez Mouquin - William Glackens - 1905

Artwork Information

TitleChez Mouquin
ArtistWilliam Glackens
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions48 x 39 in. (121.9 x 99.1 cm)
Current LocationThe Art Institute Of Chicago

About Chez Mouquin

William Glackens’ painting “Chez Mouquin” from 1905 is considered one of his most famous works and a prominent example of the Ashcan school of American art. The painting depicts James B. Moore at a table with Jeanne Mouquin, in the popular New York restaurant, Chez Mouquin. Glackens brilliantly used vivid brushwork and creative composition to add tension and mystery to an otherwise simple scene.

Glackens was known for his exceptional ability to merge portraiture with everyday scenes, as seen in “Chez Mouquin.” This dynamic piece combines paint application techniques that aim to capture the bustling ambiance of New York City’s urban life. By focusing on people in common spaces like restaurants or parks, Glackens invigorated modern American art by emphasizing working-class individuals’ humanity and dignity.

Adding another layer of intrigue was Jeanne Mouquin’s dress; made up of complex patterns mainly featuring red stripes contrasting with dark colors such as black-dotted background or light-colored lapels which highlight her role in this bustling eatery beautifully. Overall, William Glacken’s work serves as a product of its time that reflects contemporary society’s rapid transformation into an industrialized modern era in America that challenged traditional modes of expression both artistically and socially.

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