Child and Large Bird (1912) by Emil Nolde

Child and Large Bird - Nolde, Emil - 1912 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleChild and Large Bird
ArtistEmil Nolde
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions73 x 88 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationStatens Museum for Kunst, Kobenhavn
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About Child and Large Bird

Emil Nolde’s “Child and Large Bird” is a 1912 expressionist painting depicting an allegorical scene. It is composed of a 73 cm by 88 cm oil painting on canvas in which the child balances on top of the large bird, a symbol of innocence and trust. The subject matter of this work reflects the uncertainties and anxieties of life that torment humans but still manages to show an inspiring hope that comes with faith. Even as we observe the tragic symbolism delivered by Nolde, the beautifully crafted use of color, texture and light serve to soften the hard edges of this emotion while providing us a glimpse at his thoughts on modern themes.

This expressionistic artwork draws upon certain aspects of nature and reinterprets them in vastly different forms. While there’s no clear narrative being mandated, we can sense a search for spiritual comfort in this work, evinced in its swirls of vibrant blues and yellows that together seem to hint at something more sublimely mysterious. By ordering an oil painting reproduction from this artwork, you can not only admire Emil Nolde’s talent but also hold onto these comforting memories at your own place!

Another fine example of Emil Nolde’s expressionistic artworks is ‘Candle Dancers’ from 1912. This powerful piece focuses on two orange-clad dancers illuminating their surroundings with their candles as they mournfully crouch beneath a coal-black sky upon vast plains where too much sadness has been etched. Here again, Nolde has used bright oranges against contrasts between darkness to express inner turmoil while emphasizing both suffering and hope without resorting to clear cut narratives.

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