Children Of The Mountain (1867) by Thomas Moran

Children Of The Mountain - Thomas Moran - 1867

Artwork Information

TitleChildren Of The Mountain
ArtistThomas Moran
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions157.8 x 132.4 cm (62 1/8 x 52 1/8 in)
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About Children Of The Mountain

Thomas Moran’s Children of the Mountain is an oil on canvas painting, featuring the Rocky Mountains which he painted in 1867. Moran was a renowned artist of the Hudson River School and was known as the Artist of the Mountains. He gained apprenticeship at Scattergood and Telfer, a Philadelphia engraving firm before becoming a prominent marine painter.

Moran’s vivid paintings caught the attention of Scribner’s Monthly, for which he worked as chief artist and created captivating pictures for various topics. The painting is available for download on USEUM, a digital platform where artworks can be explored online. Moran had great reverence for Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, which inspired him to change his signature to “TYM,” standing for Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran.

Children of the Mountain portrays intricate details that reflect life in its natural state amid rocky terrains. As with many works by Moran, he uses light and color techniques to create depth and movement within each scene painted. This painting stands out not only because it depicts nature so realistically but also because it shows children scaling mountains within this environment – suggesting how humans can thrive without disrupting nature entirely.

In conclusion, Thomas Moran’s Children of the Mountain has stood up time as one of his most famous paintings from his extensive collection. It showcases his lifelong dedication to depicting landscapes accurately while being aesthetically engaging when viewed by onlookers today centuries later.

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